Lord Elliott

Lord Elliott

Master of Science Degree in Exercise Science
Bachelor Degree in Business Administration
Head Coach of the US National Powerlifting Team- 3X Team USA, World Champions
IPL International Referee
USPA Director of Coaches Certification
Multiple World, National, State, Powerlifting Champion and Record Holder

I live by many mottos that has built my pillar of characteristics.

-Powerlifting Dispels Fear
-Innovate, do not imitate
-Don’t copy, create
-TMI- Touch, Move, and Inspire others
-Put your left foot in front of your right and keep moving forward
-GOD don’t make nobody’s, because I know I am somebody
-Be Prideful of your work, even when its cleaning toilets
These are a few that are very meaningful and significant to my everyday performance.

At 13yrs old I started training to compete in the sport of Powerlifting winning multiple National and State Championships to include breaking many National Records during my junior years. I began my career in the US Army Reserves at 17yrs old and worked as a fitness instructor at 18yrs old at my local gym. I was one of the chosen employees to become certified as a personal trainer in 1996 and I worked my way into management at a young age. I attained many skills in clientele services, and sales. In 2004 I felt ready to venture into my own business and start Training By Lord personal training services. In 2007 I began instructing at Santa Barbara College teaching business subjects and exercise science courses to include NASM, ACSM, and NSCA personal training curricula. In 2012 I had the idea of creating a powerlifting coach’s certification and partnered with Tom DeLong to develop the program. In 2013 I launched National Academy of Strength and Power, NASPOWER Education System. Tom and I developed the two-day USPA (United States Powerlifting Association) Coaches Course in 2014 and instruct an average of 15 courses a year. February 2015, I directed my first powerlifting championship for a total of three events throughout the year and currently average 18 events a year. September of 2015, I opened NASPOWER Training Center with 2800 sqft to support the sport of Powerlifting and be a part of introducing strength sports to the community. My friends Tim and Mandy Bird, joined me to help grow the program in 2018 and we expanded to 7200 sqft June of 2019. In building NASPOWER, a family has been created. Every person that walks into our gym becomes a part of that family. I always do all I can to help teach, and coach my members, being their go to person for questions about lifting, competing, and technique. NASPOWER is my career, but it is also my passion. Although my discipline of sport is powerlifting, NASPOWER was created for everyone to achieve fitness goals of their choice. Come and join our NASPOWER family. Let us help you create the best version of you.

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