Lord Elliott

Founder and Owner

Master of Science Degree in Exercise Science
Bachelor Degree in Business Administration
Head Coach of the US National Powerlifting Team- 3X Team USA, World Champions
IPL International Referee
USPA Director of Coaches Certification
Multiple World, National, State, Powerlifting Champion and Record Holder

Tim Bird


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Ashlee Mane


Ashlee Mane is a personal trainer and health coach. As an NPC IFBB Pro body builder and Fitness Model Ashlee has works with fitness companies such as Royalty Nutrition, Max Nutrition, Saints Meal Prep, Til You Collapse and National Academy of Strength and Power. Her training methods include resistance training, calisthenics, yoga and high intensity interval training. With exciting and interesting workouts, Ashlee believes in mixing things up to help you get the best results and reach your fullest potential. With a positive spirit and a passion for people, Ashlee will help guide you through even the most intense moments of your workout. She also believes in empowering women to be strong physically and mentally, and has transformed a passion for helping others into a life of fitness coaching and training. Ashlee looks forward to helping you achieve the results that you want.

Evan Snydman


Hi, my name is Evan Snydman. I’m the head strength coach at NASpower. I am a pro powerlifter. I have Experience of 10+ years in the strength and conditioning industry. I have a bachelors of science in Psychology. I continued my education in exercise science. I utilize my psychology degree by using positive affirmation as I am working with an athlete or client. I continue to extend my education and continue my learning to bring a better product daily to anyone and everyone one I work with. So if you’re looking to start your fitness path or want to jump start that lifting career then I’m the guy for you. Contact me and let’s get started with a free consultation today!